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What's New at Blackberry Ridge

revised 4/2/2014

Our Featured Yarn for April is the Cotton Blend yarn, a sport or DK Weight yarn with 20% cotton and 80% wool.   The flecks of cotton don't take dye as easily as the wool does, resulting in lighter colored speckles throughout. This yarn is 10% off until the end of the month!  

We have a new colorway in the slow changing Colorflow yarn - River Rock, bright and rag.We have a new mitten pattern and kit - The Northern Lights Mitten by Anne Bosch

Our Shady End yarns, like the Colorflow, start one color and end another.  We have two new colors of Shady End Yarn  The Cozy Cardigan From Top Down Pattern by Anne BoschWe have two new colors in Fingering and DK Weight Mermade - Red, a semi solid color, and painted Copper

We have a new sweater pattern, The Celtic Sunset, by Sheryl Hill.  Kits are available. Our newest pattern is the Rusty Mitten by Anne Bosch.  Kits are available.  Here is the Spiral Cowl by Anne Bosch


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