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The Mystical Mosaic Socks

Patterns by Mary Dominski

The St. Edwards

Natural Gray & Olive Green Black & Crushed Raspberries
Grateful for being saved from certain death in a hunting accident, young Prince Edward vowed that he would make a pilgrimage to St. Peter's in Rome. When royal duties prevented King Edward from leaving home, the Pope released him from his promise if he would agree to restore St. Peter's Abbey in England. This building would later become part of London's Westminster Abbey. The mosaic pattern in this sock is called Jerusalem Cross, evoking the memory of England's legendary king whose body lies buried beneath the Abbey.

The St. George

Black & Blue Violet Natural Cream & Tropical Fish
The most famous of the many legends that surround the life of St. George involves his rescue of the Libyan city of Sylene from the dragon that threatened the lives of its citizens. St. George's bravery became the model of chivalrous conduct for English knights and ultimately he became the patron of all England. The pattern in these socks depicts the scales of his fierce adversary.

Skill Level: Advanced Intermediate
Gauge: 6 sts = 1 inch

The beauty of mosaic knitting and the symmetry of garter stitch provide texture and visual interest. The mystical maze of their construction, along with the unusual heel gusset, will cause fellow knitters to ask "How did you do that?" Since the hand painted yarn included in the kits insures that no individual sock will match its mate, these socks would make an ideal gift for a Wizard in Training -- of any age! On the more practical side, this unique design allows the bottom of the foot to be replaced without reknitting the entire foot.

Each pattern has instructions for several sizes. The kits contain our sport weight 100% Wool yarn, and each may be purchased with your choice of the 4 colorways shown above.
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