The Blackberry Ridge Glossary

The purpose of this glossary is to familiarize our customers with basic wool processing terms in response to Frequently Asked Questions. We will expand it as time permits. Additions or comments are welcome.

FELTED: This is a condition when the fibers of the wool are matted and cannot be separated by hand.

GREASE WOOL: This is wool just as is comes from the sheep before it has been washed.

LENGTH: It is important when you measure the length of wool which you wish to have processed that you stretch and straighten the natural crimps in the wool to be able to get an accurate measurement. This is important because wool which is too long will wrap on a woolen carding machine's rollers. Each mill's equipment differs in its ability to handle different lengths.

SKEINS: These are loose wraps of yarn (arranged much as one might wrap an electric extension cord) approximately 4 ounces in weight. They are used primarily by knitters. The length of one wrap is approximately 2 yards.

SPINNING OIL: A wool fiber conditioner which helps control static and prevent fiber breakage.

STRAIGHT FIBERS: Wool fibers having fewer than 5 crimps per inch.

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