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Blackberry Ridge Colorflow Yarn

Colorflow yarn is a 100% wool medium weight yarn.   In the "Bright" colors gradually changing dyed roving is spun and plyed with itself to create slowly changing yarn.   In the "Rag" a dyed, changing strand is plyed with a solid natural colored or dyed strand.     These yarns are not included in the Yarn Sample Packs because they take a full skein to cycle through the colors.

This  yarn is spun from wool fibers grown in the USA. We also dye all the colors shown here at Blackberry Ridge.

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Bright Evening  7.5 oz, 440 yards

   Dyed yarn twined together


 Bright Wood Violet  7.5 oz, 465 yards 

 Dyed yarn twined together




  Autumn Rag 8.5 oz, 490 yards

   Dyed yarn twined with Natural Gray

 Bright Autumn 8 oz, 440 yard

   Dyed yarn twined together 
 See the East to West Vest pattern or the Warm Shawl in the Evening for an example of  this type of yarn knitted up.

All colors available while supplies last only.
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  Santa Fe 7.5 oz, 410 yards

   Dyed yarn twined with Natural Gray


A complete set of yarn samples (containing the 100% wool yarns and all the wool/exotic fiber blends) may be purchased through our secure server for $7.00 per set:

3776  Forshaug Rd, Mount Horeb WI 53572, 608-437-3762

Please direct comments or questions to: Anne@blackberry-ridge.com