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For yarn processing, the minimum order is 20 lbs. washed weight or 40 lbs. grease weight. Wool length, stretched out, must be at least 2 inches long but not more than 5 inches long.


Number of Containers Shipped___________________

Does It Need Washing? Yes________ No _________

How Many Plies?
Single__________ 2-ply__________3-Ply__________

What Weight Finished Yarn?
______Medium (worsted weight)
______Other (please specify)_______________________________________

How do you want the finished yarn packaged?
On Cones (base price)_______Skeined (extra fees)________

If you want the yarn skeined, do you want us to wash the final skeins (extra fee)?
Yes___________ No _________



Please send your wool to:
Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill
3776 Forshaug Rd.
Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

Please direct comments or questions to: Anne@blackberry-ridge.com