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Custom Carding

We can card a variety of wool types into roving, but our machinery cannot card wool with a length of greater than than 6 inches. The minimum amount we can card is 2 pounds based on the clean, washed weight.

Exotic Fibers: The charge for carding fiber blends is $6.50 per lb. because of the extra time required for picking and carding. We are no longer carding 100% exotic fibers. We can card mohair, llama, and alpaca blends containing at least 50% sheep's wool for hand spinning but they may not hold together for roving and consequently may be in the form of a loose batt. We can card up to 25% silk, cotton, dog hair or camel as long as the staple length is not over 6 inches.

During the carding process, there will be some loss of material, especially if there is a lot of vegetable matter in the wool. This loss is generally about 10% by weight. Losses may be greater if you send fibers that are less than 2 inches long or straight fibers such as Lincoln, Border Leicester or Romney.

If you have washed the wool yourself and it is still greasy or sticky, we must rewash it and you will be charged extra. If the wool is matted (felted), it will be returned to you at your expense without processing.

The overall process of carding into roving for handspinners removes much but not all of the vegetable matter present in the wool. You will be much happier with the final product if you remove any burrs from your wool before you send it for processing. During the carding process, we apply a light spinning oil to the wool. This lubricates the wool fibers, reducing the breakage that can occur during the carding step. It can readily be washed out using hot water (120 F.) and laundry detergent.

The carding equipment is very thorough about blending colors. If you need to keep colors distinct for roving, please give us a call and discuss it with us before shipping.

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